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Awareness in action.

The 'super duper' updated site offers a range of ideas, information, events and other things to help you to think about things in new ways, that make a significant difference in your personal and professional life.  And I put some things on the site that might also just bring a smile to your face.

My name is Ray Taylor and have worked in the areas of people and business development for over 25 years in a range of industries both in Europe, the Middle and Far East - in Retail, Hospitality and Professional Services. Currently based in the UK.

If I have 'specialised' or focused on anything in particular when working with people, it is in the areas of Leadership, Management, Communication and Change. And if there is one expression I have used a lot over the years when working in different businesses with people from different cultures it is this:

  "It doesn't have to be difficult". 

Our human nature and conditioned way of thinking can all too often 'see' situations as complicated, troublesome, overwhelming and just too difficult to do anything about.  In many cases, there can be an attitude of...........      "It's beyond reach".      However, simply change the order of those two words and you have a different attitude and approach - one that at least  allows the possibility to "reach beyond" what appears to be difficult and make a difference.

So we work with individuals and organisations to achieve three specific goals:

  • make decisions that maximise time (that most of us haven't got . !!!)
  • get the very best from the people in the organisation
  • improve business and profit performance


Areas of consultancy support

Knowing how and when to Lead and to Manage

Team Communication, Motivation and Commitment

Programme design and delivery to build confidence and competence levels

Trainer / Facilitation skills development

Facilitation of Executive Team events

Executive coaching - individual sessions

Guest speaking at conferences and Business events


Here is an example of workshops that we offer either as a public or in-company programme




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