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16 Feb

Walls or Windmills . . . ? Is YOUR team ready for the business Upturn?

I recently came across a great chinese proverb which said:


"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls for defences, and some people build windmills"


I thought it was very appropriate at a time when so many businesses - and individuals for that matter - are dealing with so much turbulence and difficulty, especially if they have had to reduce manpower because of costs.It can be so easy to batten down the hatches and build walls to cope with poor trading and lost opportunities and even build psychological walls in your dealings with staff, customers and suppliers in order to survive.


However, the quote reminded me of the principle in martial arts where you use the energy of your opponent or situation to defeat them, rather than waste your own force and energy to combat them.  Businesses that I deal with seem to be more successful weathering the economic storm when they work with the situation they are in, and look at new ways of doing business and using the "new energy" that is around - an energy of creativity, focussing on the resources you have and not bothering about what you don't have.  While these times can prove challenging in so many different ways, if we look at what we can do, it is often surprising to find that we can actually do more with less, and feel a real sense of achievement.

I am also reminded of a great african proverb which I came across years ago which says: 

"Calm seas do not make skillful sailors"

So how will you get the most from your teams at work?  Some of the people will have been with you through the difficult times and need re-motivating perhaps; you may have hired some new people in readiness for the new business opportunities.  Whoever is in your team now, it may prove beneficial for everyone to spend some time together to learn about each other - experience, ideas, talents - and talk about how to work best together.



1 Dec

Do less and achieve more!!! Yes, you can if you really want to.


 you want to:

  •  Get the best from your staff
  • Make the most of the time – that there’s never enough of!
  • Get the results you want – and more


 take part in this 2 day workshop and understand:  

  • The real differences between ‘managing’ and ‘leading’
  • How to ‘spend time’ to ‘save time’ – and DO less
  • What motivates people to ‘move’ and do things because they want to
  • How to encourage people to think for themselves and give you ideas and solutions


  • No big theories
  • No long lectures
  • Just time to challenge the way you think and work and discover how you can do less, and achieve more through others

Key themes:  

Choices         understand how you make decisions and the reactions you get  

Challenge      yourself and others to be your best      

Change         to make things easier – “it doesn’t have to be difficult”

 If this looks like something you would like to experience, we are organising some public workshops in the new year 2009 around the UK.  Alternatively you might like to talk about running the event with your team or colleagues in your business.