About Reach Beyond

Right now,  how well does your business...?

  • save time and money
  • get the best from your staff and team
  • achieve its goals and ambitions

Right now,  how would you like to ...?

  • be less stressed
  • feel more in control
  • make the most of your talents and experience

reach beyond is an established consultancy working in the UK and Internationally - with one ambition in mind: to help individuals and businesses to be their best. 

We challenge people to find answers to the questions above, and offer a range of support to develop business practices that save time and money, improve skills and change attitudes to lead and manage effectively, encouraging a positive creative culture in which to grow the business and its people.


Ray Taylor leads the consultancy and has worked in the areas of professional and personal development for over 25 years now,  with international experience  in a range of industry sectors - including Retail, Leisure, Hospitality and Professional Services.  His current ambition is to develop an approach to organisational change that stimulates the growth of the health and well-being of the organisation and its employees.



 Areas of interest and experience:

Team working - communication, accountability, trust and collaboration

Leadership and Management Development - when to lead or manage to save time, get the best from your employees and achieve your goals.

Business Improvement tools that discover what works in your business and actions to make it even better

Lifeforce Profiling that uncovers employee perceptions of your organisation and how that influences their behaviour at work

Design and development of in-house programmes and developing internal trainers and facilitators

Individual Executive Coaching - mind AND body working together - reduce stress and increase impact

Facilitation of Executive Teams meetings - developing strategy, working practices and working relationships

Changing attitudes and behaviour to improve bottom-line performance


The Consultancy is based in Derbyshire in the United Kingdom.   Contact us via the website or call 07971 687 832 or  00 44 (0) 1335 342049 to talk some more.

About me....

                       B.A. (hons) French Literature and Hotel Management

M.A. in Management Learning

Master NLP Practitioner

Bi lingual French speaker 

               Reiki/Tera-Mai Seichem Master

               EFT practitioner (member of the Association of Meridian Therapies)


 There is also a profile on Linked In for another perspective of what we offer.


I also work as a Complementary Practitioner and Teacher having studied a range of therapies - including Chinese Medicine, Hawaiian Massage, Huna Philosophy and  Shiatsu.


To 'switch off' I spend time with Flynn my three year old Field Spaniel - he appears in some blogs along the way, and my one year old cross Labraodor / Collie called Ollie. I sing in two choirs locally, and also play the piano. And last  year - April 25th,  I performed my first solo singing recital in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Was great but took me 48 hours to come back down to earth afterwards.  Doing my Recital Diploma later this year 2010.  Currently looking in to becoming a Leader for a "singing for the brain" group with the Alzheimers Organisation.


reach Beyond - be your best